Tax Rebate Solutions

Case Study: Engineering, Steel Fabrication – Chris, Owner

Industry: Engineering, Steel Fabrication – Chris, Owner

Size: Medium

Total R&D costs: £366K

Amount successfully claimed: £68K


  • Although being a leading engineering firm within their region and carrying out qualifying R&D for the past 30 years, they had never utilised HMRC’s tax incentive.
  • Worked closely with the client to help them identify all qualifying projects. 2 year backdated claim allowed us to also claim for ongoing projects.

Scientific advancements

  • Increasing resilience against environment in railway electrical components.
  • Improving waterproofing in offshore electrical components.


  • Successfully earned client a tax rebate, with scope for further 3 years of claims on 2 year back dated projects. We are able to claim for a total of 5 years’ R&D costs on any one project and we continue to work with them to claim for continuing and new projects.