Tax Rebate Solutions

Testimonial: Fashion and Design Sector – Eva MD

When I learnt that I could claim a tax rebate for research and development (R & D) of my business from the government. I was thrilled but didn’t know what to do next.  A friend introduced me to the Tax Rebate Solutions company (TRS) and highlighted the process it would involve to claim R&D.

I was really excited to learn about this as there is tremendous amount of R&D that goes behind each of our development stages before a product is finalised and this is costly and can take up to two years. TRS truly helped us to understand what was required to claim the R & D tax rebate. Their approach was very thorough, friendly and welcoming.  They utilise experienced and skilled consultants with the appropriate expertise to deal with the claims. I am pleased to say that we did receive a handsome sum just before Xmas, which was a great blessing and all thanks to TRS who helped us achieve this. Without them, it would have been exceedingly difficult to do this alone!

I would highly recommend TRS to any start-ups or established businesses for tax rebate claims.  The great thing about TRS is their ‘no win, no fees’ strategy. We will continue to use them for our future R&D claims.

Thank you TRS!!

Fashion and Design Sector – Eva MD